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The whale’s way

Originally posted on Once in a Whale:
This blog entry allows a very visual insight into our conservation progress. Following condition assessing and documenting the cetacean specimens, treatment plans were made (see previous blog ‘Treatment decisions, decisions, decisions‘). Hands-on conservation…

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An Afternoon at Philip Foster Farm National Historic Site

by DKP Mitchell and I performed a condition assessment at Philip Foster Farm in Eagle Creek, Oregon, the end of July.  Philip and Mary Charlotte Foster sailed around Cape Horn and landed in Oregon in 1843.  They established a store and … Continue reading

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Pins and Needles: Moving the Berkey & Gay Buffet

by DKP This one piece has nearly given me ulcers worrying about the move.  It weighs as much as an elephant, and while the backsplash comes off, it is still HUGE, bulky, and unwieldy. The men who moved her are … Continue reading

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Process: German Gothic Revival Fauteuil ca. 1860

by DKP A family heirloom, this piece made it from Germany to the USA intact, but did not fare well from Oklahoma to Oregon, and was damaged by movers who did not pack nor handle the chair properly.  This was … Continue reading

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Process: American Empire Seignouret Chair Ca. 1830

by DKP This is a lovely family heirloom, an American Empire Seignouret Chair made in New York.  It had a soiled needlepoint seat, a seat that was dropping through, and the frame finish needed treatment and preservation. The chair was … Continue reading

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