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Z is for Zzzz: A-to-Z Challenge

Yes, that’s it, I’m tired and really can’t find the time to write about zigzag stitches or zippers or zardozi or zafus (these are from Dharmacraft!)  I just need to sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZ…..  ©MPF Conservation.  May be printed for your own … Continue reading

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Y is for Y?: A-to-Z Challenge

Y? We get asked a lot of questions that are subjective, and hard or even unethical to answer. Y do you cost more than Sally’s Upholstery shop or a national chain? First of all, it is unethical to badmouth other … Continue reading

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X is for X-Chair: A-to-Z Challenge

An “X-chair” is one of my personal favorites, a chair with an “X” frame, usually folding but not always, also known as a Dante Chair, Savonarola chair (both Italian), Luthor chair (Germany), or scissors chair.  It is one of our … Continue reading

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W is for Windsor: A-to-Z Challenge

One of my favorite chairs, this often overlooked Windsors may have originated in Wales, Ireland and England, where wheelwrights creating chairs as they made wheel spokes, which were chairs using compression tension joints, with no hide glue holding the spokes … Continue reading

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V is for Virus: A-to-Z Challenge

Working as we do with old items often stored in attics and basements and barns and storage units, we are potentially exposed to many problematic situations, such as finding black mold in upholstered items (quite common) and various insects.  By … Continue reading

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U is for Real Upholsterers: A-to-Z-Challenge

Real upholsterer’s know things. Real upholsterers can upholster anything: walls, chairs, chests, sofas, hide-a-beds, padded beds.  Real upholsters might upholster you if you hold still long enough. Real upholsterers know how to make an edge-roll from scratch. Real upholsterers know … Continue reading

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T is for Textile: A-to-Z Challenge

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