My “Business” Sketchbook: Washington State Campus

Where I write about the formality of the Washington State campus and how feng shui perfect it is!

D.Katie Powell Art

W14 10 21 WA CAPITOL CAMPUS 17Stepped outside at the end of the day while waiting for Mitchell to fetch me,
and decided to do a couple of quick sketches of the two main buildings on campus,
the Legislative Building (where we are working) and the Justice Building.
I started at the NW corner of the Legislative building to sketch the Justice building.

W14 10 21 WA CAPITOL CAMPUS 12I also drew a map, just because I love maps and symmetry.  Reading the two main buildings and their placement on the axis, I know how the architects intended a visitor’s experience (the original design, not the current traffic pattern).

You were to enter formally from the main drag  through one of two diagonal entrances.  The entry forces you to turn around a statue (and possibly drive all around the statue) and glimpse differing angles of the two most important buildings.  Then you take a turn around another grassy oblong where I can…

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