My “Business” Sketchbook: Symmetry + South Entrance

I think that artists (and Urban Sketchers) can wake you to see things (even your own home town) that you would not have noticed. Next time you enter a building take the time to do it the way the architect wanted you to enter, and try to see what s/he wanted you to experience. Many more images taking you through the back door (which is also the entry that a dignitary would take) of the Washington Capitol Legislative Building

D.Katie Powell Art

W14 10 22 WA CAP SYMMETRY 16I love it when an architect moves you through spaces,
making you experience an environment as it was meant
to be seen or felt.  I also love symmetry, especially in
the hands of architects who know how to use it.
Taking a center line through the Prichard building
it runs straight into the Rotunda in the
Legislative Building and on to the Justice entrance.

The Washington State Capitol architects laid the
campus and the important buildings out in such a way
that they moved you to glimpse views of where you
are going before you get there, teasing you with the
beauty of the campus or various parts of the building.

We came in the “back” door (southern entry) most days, and allowing for the fact that the central doors on both the North and South sides are permanently closed for repair, you can see the architect’s hand guiding you…

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