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Ode to the Upholsterer, Reprise

He’s stuffed a chair on every street, or hassocks on which to put your feet. A fainting couch for Ms Récamier, looking Grecian but really fey. A modern Egg for Madmen there, Took ten thousand hand stitches to be fair; … Continue reading

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Fu Dogs Treatment

Our client brought his small carved wooden guardian dogs to us for treatment. Pairs of Chinese guardian lion statues are decorative, symbolic elements at the entrances to structures in many Asian countries.  Each is different, and should come in. pairs, … Continue reading

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Modern Textile Art is Often Not Created for Conservation

One of the biggest challenges in conservation is when the artists were not thinking about their pieces being loved and collected, and eventually, cleaned and conserved, and work in mediums that are experimental (as in the case of early acrylics). … Continue reading

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