JBC: White Patriotic Jumper Treatment, Oil Paint 4

Our White Patriotic Jumper had treatment of his parts:
Treatment, Tail, Part I;
Treatment, Tail, Part II, Treatment, Tail, Part III,
Treatment, Knees and Thighs, Treatment, Belly Split and Preparation for Finish Work.

The White Patriotic Jumper is a sample treatment,
so our client, Restore Oregon, can see the process from start to finish!

This post is about oil painting the Patriotic Jumper!

We left off with Patriotic at this level of color, above.


One problem with painting the horses is that the carvings are not consistent.  Above, you can see two different carvings, which makes a consistent painting difficult.

First coats on the hooves, above.


The calico corn gets a thick glaze that is worked into
the dents and lines,
then wiped off.

Interesting fact, that dent corn (which is the manner the corn was carved) is not a calico corn, but these horses were painted in this manner and we are following that pattern.

Finally our sunflower is looking like it should, and a second coat is placed on the blues.


Horseshoes get their silver coats…

… and silver is placed into the tail carvings for emphasis.

DAY 10


The red gets its second coat.

I painted the final coats
on the flag on the
anniversary of September 11, one of those days where
we know where we were
when we heard the news.

He is really beginning to look like he is complete…
But not quite!  Nose, ears, mussel… there is more!

Next post (when published), Patriotic is completed…

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  1. Leslie Gover says:

    I’ve road that horse before. So glad you are spending so much time on the detail of it. Your work is spectacular!
    Thankyou very much!

  2. Dan Antion says:

    This is wonderful – what a great job!

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