Institutional Projects

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MPF Conservation has assessed and treated
several institutional collections.

NPS Crater Lake

Several collections were treated from NPS Crater Lake.

Oregon Caves NM (ORCA)

The Oregon Caves NM has an exciting collection of Mason Monterey furnishings.


NPS McLoughlin House Fort Vancouver
National Historic Site

MPF Conservation treated 31 objects in the NPS McLoughlin House Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, or McLoughlin House, over a two year period.
All are shown on here (Recamier, Washstand, Wardrobe, Game Table, Slope Desk, and Dining Table) with the exception of Marguerite McLoughlin’s Lacquered Sewing Cabinet, Prince & Co. Melodeon, and 21 Victorian balloon-back chairs, which have their own pages.

Oregon State Capitol Building Textiles

The Oregon State Capital underwent renovation and many artworks were
cleaned and repaired.   MPFC treated three textile art installations:
Lyman Grasses Textiles, Fuhr Textiles, and  Fawkes Eight Textiles.

Hearst Castle®

Hearst Castle®, or Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument,
is part of the California State Park system.  We performed an extensive assessment for Hearst, and treated one of the showpiece sofas.

Restore Oregon: Jantzen Beach Carousel

Following is a list of all our articles on the Jantzen Beach Carousel:

Write Parker Ingenuity…



 Philip Foster Farm National Historic Site:

A blog post about an assessment we performed for the house museum:
the docents were very knowledgeable, reminding us that history is kept in the hands of volunteers who care deeply about their community.

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