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MPF Conservation has treated several items from NPS Crater Lake.  Click on live links to visit the pages on these items:

NPS Crater Lake Science and Learning Center

The NPS Crater Lake Science and Learning Center was originally the Superintendent’s living quarters in Building #19, above, and now is a working museum for scientists and students.  MPFC was an integral part of the design for this facility.

The original furnishings, photographed below on the left in 1987, were a complete set of Imperial Monterey furnishings.  We conserved and reupholstered the set as the basis for the design project, then augmented the living quarters with inexpensive accoutrements to make guests comfortable when they visited.  The scope of the project was non-historic furnishings had to be affordable and in keeping with the period, but due to the possible hard use from tools and backpacks, the project kept an eye to durability.


Before and after: Living room, above, and dining room, below. 


The dollars budgeted for the dinnerware, draperies, accessories and carpets was modest.  MPFC found items to satisfy the design criteria + budget, without stepping outside the financial constraints of the National Park Service’s budget.  Items procured and/or created included drapes, iron drapery rods, reproduction donor plaque, rugs, plates, runners, pillows (both for the furniture and floor pillows to sit on), throws, lamps, and accessories.

Note: We were brought into this project at the eleventh hour
and were unable to dust the furniture with rottenstone prior to the opening,
and so the furniture is a bit shiny. 


Entry, above, moving into the dining area, center.
Bottom, the living room.



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