McLoughlin’s Prince & Co. Melodeon

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McLoughlin’s Prince & Co. Melodeon, Ca. 1852
was a gift from John McLoughlin to his granddaughter.

Above, after treatment, and below, before treatment.

When we assessed the Melodeon, it was covered in greasy grime.
It was missing both veneer and trim, and there was structural damage in the stretcher.
The melodeon did not play, and the foot pedals were damaged.

MPFC cleaned the melodeon inside, beginning with the removal of huge dustbunnies!
Dirty dust from the ashes from wood stoves had accumulated, and was gently removed
until despite staining, once again the Prince & Co logo could be read!

Outside, the grime was also greasy.  Underneath the grime the finish was still intact.

We carved missing trims, and created veneer.  They were finished to match the cleaned shellacked wood and attached to the melodeon.

Finally, the original finish was touched up with our studio-made shellac, dusted with rotten stone and rubbed to a warm glow.  Most miraculously, it was restored it to playing ability; MPFC had a professional tune it!

The Melodeon conserved, below!

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