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The NPS Oregon Caves NM was was on the path to becoming a National Monument in the 1900’s, though the area has a rich history.  The Forest Service granted a 20-year contract to Oregon Caves Company in 1923 to provide guide service into the caves and build a hotel. Initially the caves accomodated guests in cabins near the entrance to the Oregon Caves touring site.

Arthur Peck, a landscape engineering professor, recommended an alpine style building with Port Orford-cedar bark siding to blend with the surroundings. The building accommodated a kitchen, dining room, ticket sales and a gift shop on the first floor; dormitories for female employees was on the second floor. The chalet was completed at a cost of $5,000.

The National Park Service took over administration of the monument from the Forest Service in 1933. In 1987, the Secretary of the Interior declared the Chateau to be a National Historic landmark, and at that time, the cabins were removed due to the impact on the caves themselves.

In 1942, the Chalet was rebuilt and enlarged with a third floor added.  Today it offers 23 overnight rooms, a coffee shop, and a dining room with a creek running through it.

Mason Monterey furniture was created in the same time line, and was bought to decorate the lovely building.

MPFC was privileged to work with Mary Merryman, curator, to conserve and restore two dozen pieces of original Mason Monterey Furniture which was bought for the Chateau.

While most of the pages below dealing with the treatment of Mason Monterey furnishings, we also restored several of the overhead lampshades in the Chateau (the ones that were reproduced accurately), right.

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