Mason Monterey A-Frame Chair Restoration

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We are combining the treatments of all eleven A-Frame chairs in order to show a breadth of treatment performed on the chairs.  Above, two Old Wood and four Smokey Maple treatments after treatment, in an exhibit for the NPS.

The chairs were closely patterned, however, it was obvious that they were hand-carved, and there were slight differences if one looked closely.  And of course, the painting varied both in strokes and coloring in the various chairs.

Our average measurements, left.

The damage of the A-Frames ranged from chairs reduced to near rubble (and some missing parts), an example shown left, to repairs such as the nut and bolt holding the chair right together, and a drippy paint job, which was probably painted by well meaning NPS maintenance crews.

Unfortunately, several chairs were used as work tables, and many were covered in white paint, left.  All the A-Frames underwent finish treatment.

We disassembled many repairs made by NPS maintenance crews that kept the chairs together, often with epoxies, sometimes a screw or nail, and while they too had to be removed and properly repaired, we are happy the chairs were kept in rotation for us to eventually conserve!

In order to hold the A-Frame seats during reparation, a padded glue frame was built. shown below.  This frame was essential in holding the seats for both big and small repairs.

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