Mason Monterey Decorative Nails

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New decorative nails were made for several pieces for the NPS, and MPFC paid for extras for other possible Mason Monterey needs in future.  Jim Calcagno, from Calcagno Foundry, shown left with Mitchell, reproduced the nails using several original nails as models.  We could only tell the difference due to lack of added paint!


Molds were made in our studio,
and from these molds Calcagno created the new decorative nails.

The new nails still had to be finished to match the original nails on each chair,
using the decorative paint as was appropriate.


We are using the decorative nails from the
Yellow “River of Life” Mason Monterey chair for this post,
shown above and on the Museum Collection page; many nails were missing!


Original nails above, were tagged and stored until we were ready to reupholster the chair.
It appears they had been reinserted for the
inappropriate replacement leather back, and many were bent in the process.
This was likely due to having been driven without pilot holes drilled first.


So as not to break the shaft from the head, we gently tapped each nail to carefully bend the heads back into their proper position using a leather hammer, above, while being held in a vice.  Thankfully we did not lose one nail!  Existing holes were marked, pilot holes drilled, and the new nails applied, below.


Once completed, you cannot tell the original nails from the new, which are interspersed throughout.

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