Mason Monterey Smokey Maple A-Frame, 2

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On the Smokey Maple (and possibly Old Wood) colors, original finishes seen above,
it does not appear the entire chairs were primed, however, the seats were!

We asked, why paint gesso (or white paint) on the seat under
the Smokey Maple, but not on the rest of the chair?

The key is in the image right, where you have the best example of original Smokey Maple pigment left on a leg top. If this seat were stripped of all paint, the grain on the leg and the kerf (notice the line across the round leg top) would be different from the grain on the seat. They gessoed the entire seat (and leg top and kerf wedge) then painted “grain” — or the marching directional lines you see on the seat, which are not really grain but a coarse bristle brush distributing Smokey Maple paint.  The Smokey Maple color is the closest to a wood color, and perhaps this is why they did it.

Smokey Maple is not simply diluted Asphaltum, but has other pigments added to get the proper glaze color.

When adding the top coats, we chose which additional pigments to use to obtain the desired effect, and often used both Asphaltum and a variation of Smokey Maple.


Layering colors; the addition of the red ball turnings and splat.

Look closely, you will see the tracing on the splat, above left.

The various colors were planned to layer, and were both brushed and finger painted.  Yes, my fingerprints are forever in the decorative elements!

Below, a slideshow of the process of layers added.  Minor changes in the paint colors were made on the various Monterey A-Frames.

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The final layer was brushed, a topcoat of Smokey Maple with Asphaltum applied  to make it look weathered, shown on a Straw Ivory splat.

The chair was shiny.  We knocked it down using abrasives, then waxed it.

A line of completed Smokey Maple A-Frames
with Spanish Red decorative elements, below.

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