The Restoration of the Shades

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When we walked the floor of the lobby with the curator, Merry Merryman, for the Oregon Caves NM, to assess the lamps 20′ above us, we were all sure the lamps were made of a very large parchment.

However, when we were able to handle a badly damaged lampshade we found it was made of one singular sheet of highly textured paper!

MPF Conservation set about locating such an item, and that search of several months took us to Japan, China, Italy, and of course, Talas, all to no avail.  The paper was either not made in large enough sizes, or was not the proper paper texturally.

It was at that point we decided to create the look without the proper paper, and created a test case, which led to lamp shades which will be documented here.

We chose to work with paper which was, at least, authentic.  Our goal was to have the shades appear as they should from the floor, which also meant that they should have the same tonal quality, which is a warm reflective light that softens the feeling of the lobby.

It also needed to be reversible in future if proper paper could be located.  We also bought enough of the paper we used so that there was a backlog for future shades if necessary, though you will see what happens when ethical conservators (that is, willing to share all process documents and information) are ignored for a political favor from someone who funds a change.  It will also explain why, when you visit the lobby, you see the a group of unusual white shades above you.

Pages for the entire project are listed below!