State of Oregon Textiles

Image of the Fawkes Eight after treatment, from an article in the
Statesman Journal of 1-1-2011,
“Capitol Art Returns to the Capitol”.

State of Oregon Textiles

Three of the textile artists represented in the Capitol come to us for
reparation and spot cleaning.  Samples of treatment images are below.


Assessment of the Fawkes Eight panels showed
unraveling and the need for spot cleaning.

Unraveling, above; reweaving using the original threads.

Spot cleaning necessary due to bugs or handling.

The Lyman Grass panels also were riddled with moth holes: we were able to pull reparation threads from the inside of an ample hem.

We also removed spot cleaned.

One of the panels, completed.

Unlike the Lyman reparation above, we could not take bits of
Fuhr textile to repair, and had to obtain yarns to match.

Many small moth holes were repaired..

The finish on the wood hanging mechanism was also
repaired before it was ready to return.


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