Kate Powell

I have both practiced and taught architecture and  interior design at universities in Southern California.  My degree is in architecture from University of Southern California, and I was a core design instructor at University of California at Los Angeles for eight years before moving to Oregon.

My skills made me a perfect partner in our firm.  I do both finish and textile work.

I am an artist, and once I learned how to use traditional shellac I handled the shellac finish work in the studio.  (I use it in my art too.)  I treat all the painted finishes in our firm.

My grandmother is responsible for my needlework skills.  She hooked me on crochet at five, and then taught me to tat.  I taught myself embroidery, and can do most any stitch.  I also learned to knit, though I confess it is not my favorite thing to do.  Before my grandma died she gave me her needles, and another dear friend did the same before she died.  What a special gift!  I have never made a quilt, though I repair quilts!  It is on my bucket list to do this with Mitchell!

I began thinking of what to write in my bio besides my qualifications.  I finally decided it is that I am happiest anytime with Mitchell + cats, cooking, when my hands are in wet paint, taking pictures, or writing.


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