Portfolio Process Pages

We enjoy writing our blog because it allows us to share information informally the way we do with our clients, rather than our more formal MPF Conservation website of finished treatments and before and after images.  Visitors get to follow along on the weekly blog posts, and we can be funny and tell stories that are “behind the scenes” and not shared on the formal website.

Most of our work is conservation, but clients do bring us previously improperly stripped pieces and/or pieces with shattered parts, and we use museum techniques and product combined with traditional product (as in our studio-made shellac, matching paints, and turning older woods) to re-create the piece as best we can.  It is never the same as the original finish, but it is a place to begin again.

We thank all our clients who have allowed us to share their items!

Click to see our process pages:

Planter’s Chair

Louis XIV Chest

Dutch Spindleback Ca 1600

Mason Monterey Club Chair

Mognat of Paris Steamer Trunk

Under construction.

Gustav Stickley Ladderback Arm Chair

Monterey Desk Restoration

Note: This is restoration not conservation, due to it having been previously stripped!

Chinese Statue

Fu Dogs

Circus Ball

Note: This is a combination of restoration and conservation, as the circus ball was improperly stripped by a well-meaning relative.

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