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We create slips for many reasons.
Most often it is to protect antique showcovers or new showcovers
on antique pieces, such as the slips shown above. 
Note: To see details of the middle chair slip above, go here.




They can blend in with the upholstery so
they are hardly noticeable, above.


They are sometimes created to completely cover the upholstery showcover for a new look, as in changing the formal piece to function informally in the day-to-day life of the family, and then be uncovered for formal parties, as in the pieces above.


This set of Victorian Balloon backs on a Southern Oregon ranch needed protection
as they were often sat on by field hands. The cowboy slips easily come off to be washed
and dried, then placed back on. They protect the original needlepoint tapestry seats,
which are in excellent condition.

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