Smokey Maple Floral Mason Monterey Bedroom Set for Sale

Mason Monterey Smokey Maple Floral Bedroom Set:
Twin Bed (sold), Desk, High-boy Dresser, Mirror ca 1932

Mason Monterey highly decorated Smokey Maple Bedroom set in one of the most highly desirable painted floral pattern, circa 1932.   The original set had one owner.  The set is in good condition, with little damage as described below.  (We are quite picky.)   All are in excellent condition structurally.  The original finish is lovely, as it should be, distressed but good. MPF Conservation performed slight touchup on knobs, center of the bed back where the owner laid against it.   Monterey name brand and horseshoe are on back.

We are breaking apart the set now,which means you can fill out your collection
as you need.  IF you are interested or want to make an offer on the entire set
(if still intact) contact Kate dbdcat @ (remove spaces).

Wall Mounted Mirror

4-drawer Highboy Dresser

Desk with Drawer

We accept cash, check, money order or PayPal;
PayPal is charged an additional 2.9% processing fee
(what they charge us) which is $29 per $1000.
Local delivery negotiated or you can pick it up;
Delivery out of the Portland area to be determined.
Contact us for further information or to place order: dbdcat @ (remove spaces).