The Jantzen Beach Stable is Full!

After what was the best
difficult moving days we’ve ever had
(go here read about that),
the horses and many shields
and cresting boards
are in our studio,
which now has a large room
called the “Jantzen Beach Stable”.

When we come into our secure lobby,
the black peekaboo “Portland Horse” greets us.

The dappled grey water horse and an armored horse share the lobby, though
I admit they are a bit dwarfed in stature by the Portland Horse’s amazing mane.

What a joy to see coming into work!

The Stable holds 8-12 horses.
This is where most of the work will be performed.

The Parker Ponies rest on famous Mason Monterey sofas
in the room where furniture from the historic Frank Crowe Estate resides.
The horses (and carousel) were born within a decade of the lovely colorful
Monterey furniture and they feel simpatico.

The long cresting boards are laid out for assessment, above.

It’s not all about the horses, though.
Chariots and shields are covered with 
lions and roosters and cherubs and posies…
It is a joy to be around them!

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Written by Kate Powell  ©MPF Conservation.
May be printed for your own use ONLY, not for use on blogs without permission.

About MPFConservation

We are a conservation and restoration firm located in the Pacific Northwest, specializing in objects: furniture, but also other objects; wood, stone or metal furniture or objects; lacquered and painted furniture or objects; traditional finishes on furniture or objects; quilts, beaded objects, and some textile reparation and interior architectural elements, such as leather or upholstered walls. When you think about conservation, equate it to restoring the furniture or object the best way possible for the history, life and value of the object. We are fully qualified to perform museum-tectbook treatments, but also flexible enough to work with private clients to allow for daily use of objects. We work West of the Rockies from Canada to Mexico, and once in a while venture beyond the West for specific treatments. Kate and Mitchell Powell are partners in work and in life; we each have our specialties in work and in our marriage. Mitchell is the cat charmer in both! To see our work visit our official website:
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12 Responses to The Jantzen Beach Stable is Full!

  1. Dan Antion says:

    I would trade half my coworkers for these 🙂

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  3. Jan Zweerts says:

    Here at Jantzen Beach Moorage many of us have wondered where the carousel has been hidden these many years. We cheer this project on and hope to help out in any way we can. Jan Zweerts President JBMI

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