MPF Conservation is a full-service restoration company!

MPF Conservation is a conservation, preservation & restoration company.
We specialize in traditional woodworking, veneer/carving; traditional finishes;
and traditional upholstery of both antique and Mid-Century Modern pieces.

We clean, repair, and conserve:
lacquer, leather, wooden objects, textiles, passementerie, needlework, quilts,
and interior architectural applications.


We  specialize in the following
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  When you think about conservation, equate it to restoring the furniture or object the best way possible for the history, life and value of the object.

We also provide a wide variety of services toward the overall care and preservation of your objects, including design services or care advice and acquisition at wholesale cost.

    Marguerite McLoughlin's Sewing Cabinet, NPS

The partnership is Mitchell Powell, PA, AIC (MRP byline) and
Kate Powell (DKP byline), partners in work and in life, each with our specialties.

Located in Portland, Oregon, we serve the West, from Southern California to Canada,
and into Montana, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona; in business in Oregon for 40 years.
Occasionally we go beyond the west when no other conservator is nearby
or it is a specialty that is not available in the area.

 Contact Kate for an appointment via email or
call 541-531-2383 / 503-970-2509
to arrange for a assessment and estimate.

dkatiepowell [@] aol.com / mitchellrpowell [@] aol.com
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503.970.2509 / 541.531.2383
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