About MPF Conservation

MPF Conservation is a conservation, preservation & restoration company. We specialize in woodworking, veneer, traditional finishes and upholstery of antique and mid-century modern furniture. We clean and repair lacquer, leather, wooden objects, textiles, passementerie, needlework, quilts, and interior architectural applications.  We  specialize in objects:

  • furniture, but also other objects such as boxes, statues or . . .
  • upholstered furniture or walls;
  • wood, stone or metal furniture or objects;
  • lacquered and painted furniture or objects;
  • traditional finishes on furniture or objects;
  • quilts, beaded objects, and some textile reparation and
  • interior architectural elements, such as leather or upholstered walls.

When you think about conservation, equate it to restoring the furniture or object the best way possible for the history, life and value of the object.

We serve Portland and the West, from Southern California to Canada, and into Montana, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona; in business in Oregon for 35 years.

The partnership is Mitchell Powell, PA, AIC (MRP byline) and Kate Powell (DKP byline), partners in work and in life; we each have our specialties in work and in marriage.   Mitchell is the cat charmer in both!

This blog allows the partners of MPF Conservation (MPFC) to write casually about our experiences in the world of conservation and restoration.   To see our work visit our more formal website.

Hearst Castle Sofa Installation Image 9

Hearst Castle Sofa

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