Upholstered Objects

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We believe the art of the upholsterer is part of the history of furniture building.
Often original upholstery has been modified by successive upholsterers, however, a knowledgeable upholster can discern the materials and techniques used in original upholstery.  The modifications may reveal historical information about
the time frames of both original and modified internals and regional techniques.

Our techniques save the original buildup components, including original stuffings or hardware whenever possible. We clean internal components and reuse them, which is the ultimate GREEN practice and often costs less than buying new materials. Mitchell uses authentic stitching and knotting techniques specific to the region and century of the piece. We repair the edge-rolls and pods, and if any new parts need creating, we create them in an authentic manner reflecting the regional and historic techniques.

There are occasions, though rare, where prosthetics are created for frames too undermined for reupholstery. In those cases MPFC does not use ethafoam inserts, which is a popular technique in conservation today. We prefer to create prosthetics created with traditional materials in keeping with the period, and adapt the buildup to the prosthetic.

We occasionally create custom pieces to integrate into historic or modern rooms,
including the creation of accurate decorative items such as
slipcovers, drapery, pillows, and upholstered walls and ceilings.

Sofas + Loveseats + Recamiers + Sofa-bed


Upholstered Chairs, Rockers + Benches


Upholstered Dining Chairs




Draperies, Pillows, and Upholstered Walls


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