American Mahogany Seignouret Chair

The Seignouret chair appears to be an actual Empire striped mahogany “gondola” chair made by Francois Seignouret in Louisiana circa 1830-1850, though it could also be a later version of the signature chair (design attributed to Seignouret) created by Prudent Mallard, who followed Seignouret and opened a studio nearby.

The chair had no breaks, and he joints were quite stable.  The finish was tired and dull.  The seat collapsed and the needlepoint showcover needed cleaning and minor infill..

The chair was excavated, cleaning and saving the stuffings where applicable.
The finish was cleaned then polished. using traditional methods.

The needlepoint was the second showcover, and was quite filthy around the perimeter.
A pattern taken prior to cleaning, to ensure that it be blocked back to the original size and shape.  The edges were stabilized.  The showcover was cleaned, and the small amount of infill necessary was performed.

After cleaning and reupholstering, a minor amount of stain was visable.

The Seignouret chair installed at home.

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