Historic Bedroom Set for Sale

Old Wood bedroom set (one half of the entire set) came from
the historic estate of Frank Crowe; this is an excellent chance for collectors
to own both good Mason Monterey, and also a piece of history.

All items in this half are in good original condition:
High Boy Dresser, Twin Bed, Side Table, and Small Mirror
NO finish restoration work ever performed on original finish.
One of the bed slates was missing;
MPFC recreated and finished one to match the original.
Signed provenance statement included.
For more information and more images, click here.

Frank Crowe was the most influential person
in dam building throughout the West.
He pioneered two practices that are crucial to the construction of large dams. The first was a pneumatic delivery system to transport concrete and
the second was a system of overhead cables to allow the pneumatic concrete to be pumped at any point on the construction site. With this technique, Crowe built some of the largest dams in the American west, including Hoover Dam, Parker Dam 155 miles (249 km) downstream from Hoover; Copper Basin and Gene Wash Dams on the Colorado Aqueduct system; and Shasta Dam in Northern California.

He retired in 1944 to his 20,000-acre cattle ranch near Redding, California.
The bedroom set was part of this estate, some of which was lost in a fire.
We are offering one-half of the set below.
It has lived with the family intact since the fire.
Signed provenance statement included.
To know more, see details, and see other pieces, go here.
Contact us if you are a serious buyer.

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