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V is for Virus: A-to-Z Challenge

Working as we do with old items often stored in attics and basements and barns and storage units, we are potentially exposed to many problematic situations, such as finding black mold in upholstered items (quite common) and various insects.  By … Continue reading

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Mixing Rhoplex™ and Micro-crystalline Balloons Teaches Patience!

Just a short post of the wonder of mixing micro-crystalline balloons into Rhoplex™.  Whenever I do this I have to slow way down, and practice patience, which is not one of my virtues.  Currently we have this lovely Louis XIV … Continue reading

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CAUTION #1: When You Bring an Antique Home

by DKP You fell in LOVE.  At the local thrift store, garage sale, or (yes even here) antique store.  Antique stores, especially high end stores, should take care of these things or at least warn you, but we are going … Continue reading

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