Juan Duran Tinoco, AKA Juan Intenoche, Monterey’s Artistic Star SOLD

by DKP

W16 6 Juan Tinoco painting dtl copyJuan Duran Tinoco was an artist hired by both Mason Manufacturing and by Coronado (and others) to paint their Monterey* furniture.   His fame grew in Los Angeles, and he illustrated many other ephemera: menus, post cards, and advertisements.  He also painted his own paintings, mostly on wooden boards.

Most coveted are his wonderful images of Mexican men on horseback, guns and sombreros flying, or sitting atop wildly colored bulls, desperately trying to hang on.

Many believe he also designed many of the images such as the Mexican series below; they are not signed by his characteristic trademarks, and so we say, “In the style of . . .”

He was born in Mexico in 1905, and died in Gardena, California in 1988.  He died in relative obscurity, never knowing how much his art was appreciated, largely because early collectors did not know his real name, and referred to him in variations of what they believed his signature read: Juan Intenoche.

His stand alone paintings today go for as much as $7,000 each, and collectors covet his Mason and Coronado pieces.

*Monterey here is referring to both Mason Monterey and other genres of this type.

9 Responses to Juan Duran Tinoco, AKA Juan Intenoche, Monterey’s Artistic Star SOLD

  1. Amanda says:

    I think I have one of his paintings… How would I figure that out?

  2. Julie Wood says:

    Are there any available pieces at this time?

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  4. Danny Dorn says:

    I have 3 pieces of Monterey bedroom furniture with Juan Intenoche images on them. A 6 drawer dresser, a double bed headboard and footboard with side rails, and a small bookcase. They have never been stained or altered; however, they do have normal wear and tear. Are you interested in purchasing them or know of someone who is interested? They were my parents’ set.

  5. Johnathon Brown says:

    I have a piece sold by Coronado that I believe is painted by Juan D. Tinoco. Who might I contact to find out for sure?

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