Interesting Page Links

Below are pages that show interesting conservation ideas or images, or are good history sites . . . check back as we will add to these as we find them!

BOOKMARK FLORAL bannerMonterey links:  1st dibs is one great place to find good pricing and images of Monterey!

shellac barArticles on conservation since Hurricane Sandy are surfacing:
Storm Leaves Residue of Questions” NY Times

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History from the Metropolitan Museum of Art: pages that you could get lost in for days!

Calisphere: Digital Resources, University of California is a wonderful resource of images and articles on California history.

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Senate Chamber Desks :  This page will take you to many interesting items on the Senate Desks
Senate Chamber Desk Conservation and Preservation 

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US Capitol Architecture:
Brumidi Corridors
Russell Senate Office Building – 1909-2009

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U.S. Flags of various times are interesting; we both find flag history interesting.
NMAH | The Star-Spangled Banner: The Flag that Inspired the National Anthem: an overview, graphic.
Star Spangled Banner and the War of 1812
The Conservation of the Star Spangled Banner: A fabulous pictorial!
The Butler Flag, America’s first flag: Textile Conservation
Smithsonian’s Star-Spangled Banner Conservation Laboratory
Saving the Nation’s Flag | History & Archaeology (As they began the conservation in 1998)
Star Spangled Banner Back on Display
and Many Images of her!  Including the one below, showing exactly why textile conservation studios are so big!

From the above article, and hoping the Smithsonian will nto mind my pilfering their image! We love Smithsonian Magazine and website!

Old Glory | A Capitol Fourth  (fun facts on all sorts of items)

So that’s why Textile Conservation has such a Big Studio! Tapestry Washing at Victoria and Albert Museum

Textiles | Wawel Royal Castle | Wawel Krakow Poland

Hope you enjoyed!  DK & MRPshellac bar

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