Wooden Objects + Traditional Finishes

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  • Tables
  • Desks + Cabinets + Chests of Drawers
  • Chairs + Rockers + Footstools
  • Clocks
  • Carousel Horses (Jantzen Beach Carousel)
  • Statues + other misc. objects
  • Waxes + Traditional Finishes

Using conservation and restoration techniques, we repair broken parts, veneers, damaged finishes, marbletops and missing metalwork (ormalu) in a manner that allows you to retain the value of your piece. To that end:

  • Reparation of broken, missing or irreplaceable parts is performed whenever possible with original parts, barriers and reversible adhesives unless that is not feasible for the life of the item.
  • Holes are conserved, degraded glues are removed, and new era-appropriate and/or reversible glues are used, such as hide glues.
  • If necessary, we replicate missing or failed parts from vintage or reclaimed wood; we never use woods from non-renewable sources.
  • Hardware is found from salvaged parts or created using traditional techniques.
  • Finishes are repaired using traditional matching finishes or in accordance with modern museum guidelines. (See information on Traditional Finishes or Painted Finishes + Lacquered Objects.)
  • Client’s are consulted when necessary if replacement is our only option.

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