Smokey Maple Floral Motif Mason Monterey RARE 4-Cushion Sofa


Local owner who kept items in impeccable condition.
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w16-mas-mont-4-seat-sofa-org-uphol-01Smokey Maple Floral Motif
Mason Monterey RARE 4-Cushion Sofa
with original paint and original fabric!



I have never seen a four-cushion sofa for sale.
This one was sold through Meier and Frank, and has had a single owner since its creation.
The owner was meticulous, and the original finish and original fabric is worn but not excessively.  The original spring-filled cushions are in good condition.

We can sell this as is, but long-term, especially if you are a collector,
you’ll want to have the cushions repaired properly; we highly recommend that you do this with us, and not replace the cushions with inexpensive foam inserts.

We can discuss options regarding the original fabric,
which ads a considerable amount of value to the piece, however,
limits its ability to be used daily.  Museum and/or gentle use is fine.
Of course, new fabric can be applied.

The finish is in great condition.

Further images can be produced upon request.
The footprint is approximately 100″ x 36″ or
8’4″ x 3’0″ so the space it commands is quite large.

We accept cash, check, money order or PayPal;
PayPal is charged an additional 2.9% processing fee
(what they charge us) which is $29 per $1000.
Local delivery $250 or you can pick it up;
Delivery out of the Portland/Vancouver area to be determined.
Contact us for further information or to place order: dbdcat @ (remove spaces).

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