Process: Circus Ball 3

We left the Circus Ball as it had been
prepped for its paint layers.

I am so sorry that all my images of the ball sanded smooth are very blurry!
Happily, the detailed images are in sharp!

The first coat of paint dragged as it was applied over the Araldyte.
I checked in with our client, because one problem with our treatment is that
we never were able to see the ball as it was before the stripping caused the wood to lift.
I could not tell if my assumption of the ball’s surface was correct.
I doubted it would have been extremely smooth,
because a performer has to be able to stand, grip and roll on the ball.

Our client told me that the surface looked
very much as it had originally!


I thought that the paint build-up might be more interesting, but truthfully, it is Gamblin’s Silver oil paint, and each coat looks close to the same — so not a photogenic moment!

W15 12 12 JK CIRCUS PAINT 1yIn all, four coats of paint are on this ball, and it is curing.

Next will come the blue star!

w15 jk aunt circus ball banner

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