Mason Monterey Club Chair, 3 Buildup

This continues several posts on the preservation of a lovely
Old Wood Mason Monterey Club chair from our client’s family.
To see the excavation, go here.
To view the finish notes, go here.

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We begin the buildup by installing new webbing and springs
to create the Spring Deck
after the finish is fully cured and scuffed to the proper patina.

The spring tie is completed, above.

Mitchell discusses the challenges in the way
the springs were originally laid out
on the small spring deck, and how to work
around the corner blocks, above and below.

Details of the spring ties, below.

Mitchell discusses the finished spring deck, above.

The spring deck is covered with the burlap topper;
the springs are secured to the topper.

Mitchell repaired the original edgeroll, and covered it in
fresh burlap before stitching to the deck, above:
details of decisions about the way the edgeroll interacted with the frame
were partly made by the original upholsterers.

The completed Spring Deck, above.

The back buildup and upholstery occur after the seat deck upholstery.

It is always wonderful to find the original tags to verify the origination of the piece.
It was made by the Mason Mfg. Co. of Los Angeles, California
finished March 1 1935… Style #8/83, Serial #2390…
the cover was #603B, and they said it was 80% cotton (50/50)
and 20% a sisal fiber pad…
They do not mention the hair, of which there was plenty!
Of course we also know it had Spring-filled cushions
but perhaps these were not important for import/export/shipping.
These will be preserved in the envelope crated under the seat.

Next post, we will talk about the back buildup 
and upholstery of the frame.

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  1. loisajay says:

    I am blown away by those spring ties! How long did that part take to do?

  2. Dan Antion says:

    This is simply amazing. I enjoyed the video explanations.

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