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U is for Real Upholsterers: A-to-Z-Challenge

Real upholsterer’s know things. Real upholsterers can upholster anything: walls, chairs, chests, sofas, hide-a-beds, padded beds.  Real upholsters might upholster you if you hold still long enough. Real upholsterers know how to make an edge-roll from scratch. Real upholsterers know … Continue reading

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More Mid-Century + Modern Projects Around the Pacific Northwest by MPF Conservation

by DKP I am having lots of fun doing slide shows of our previous projects, which are diverse. Here are many Mid-Century Modern and Modern Classic projects from our files since we were liberated from old film cameras to digital … Continue reading

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Mid-Century Modern: My Kinda Furniture

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by DKP Mitchell and I have slightly different personal tastes, and a good deal of overlap.  He loves really old antiques, richly carved wood, ornately upholstered, tasselled, and I like modern furniture, with its sleek lines and rich colors.  We … Continue reading

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