U is for Real Upholsterers: A-to-Z-Challenge

Real upholsterer’s know things.

  1. Real upholsterers can upholster anything: walls, chairs, chests, sofas, hide-a-beds, padded beds.  web5734
  2. Real upholsters might upholster you if you hold still long enough.
  3. Real upholsterers know how to make an edge-roll from scratch.BISHOPS UPHOL 6MPFC
  4. Real upholsterers know biscuits make lovely tufted backs.W12 LAFF CAPT AFT 4MPFC
  5. Real upholsterers know how to make biscuits when a lazy upholsterer has removed them.W12 Antebellum Sofa AFT 2MPFC
  6. Real upholsterers know all the traditional stuffings: coir, algerian, hair, Spanish moss, kapok, hurd, shives, et all!DSC06132_2
  7. Real upholsterers use ALL the available stuffings, not just cheap foams wrapped in Dacron.2013 6 13 FXSB BUILDUP 14
  8. Real upholsterers clean and reuse old materials, making them the very definition of GREEN!2011 10 19 NM LVSEAT UPHOL 3
  9. Real upholsterer’s don’t rip out the guts of a piece: they know proper insides make for a wonderful sit!W12 2 12 BISHOPS EXCAVATION B25MPFC
    1. Real upholsterers know about springs, and how to tie them.BISHOPS UPHOL 4MPFC
  10. Real upholsterers know how to undress their clients properly, being careful with every layer so that it can all be used again.BISHOPS UPHOL 5MPFC
  11. Realupholster’s  know the difference between a Fauteuil andaBergere.
  12. Real upholsterers can make an Egg Chair smooth as a baby’s behind.W02 EGG AFTER 5 MPFC
  13. Real upholsterers know their way around sewing machines and surgers.DSC09579
  14. Real upholsterers make plans.W05H MPFC 7
  15. Real upholsterers can draw.DSC09257
  16. Real upholsterers have a sense of humor, and enjoy scaring their partners.Mitchell halloween geek
  17. Realupholsterers spit tacks.
  18. Real upholsterers know woodworking.2010 12 14 EXCAV KERF WEDGES 8
  19. Real upholsterers know mold and their way around a hazmat suit.2010 10 8 ORCA PUP 14
  20. Real upholsterers love passementerie and tassels.xmas 8746 copy
  21. Realupholsterers know how to work with leather.
  22. Real upholsterers know and value wonderful original traditional finishes.
  23. Real upholsterers know the difference between Cherubim and Seraphim.W12 2 12 BISHOPS EXCAVATION B85MPFC
  24. Realupholsters canproperlyupholster mid-century modern pieces.
  25. Real upholsterers wear aprons.2011 4 16 328 LDDRBCK RPR 88
  26. Real upholsterers have shop cats.

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