Community Warehouse: Two Coordinated Folk Art Chairs, Mission and Windsor

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Having time for the chairs for the Community Warehouse Auction “the Chair Affair” was a challenge with work and family.  I started with the Kona Baby Sea Turtle Chair.

The Mission Chair and the Windsor needed a bit of TLC,
provided by Mitchell.

 Mitchell showed me how badly they were broken or
previously repaired and we wanted them wonderful for the Affair!

I love it when he says he just needs to do a tune-up and
then I come in to see the chair in a zillion pieces,
and the smell of hide glue (which I hate) is in the air.

He “tuned up” both chairs, and below is the Mission chair
clamped to cure after re-assembly and more than two days work.

I had to sand the chair in the cold hallway because
Mitchell was polishing museum furniture.  Long ago I dedicated
a warm pair of fuzzy slippers to my paint clothes to keep warm.

She is sanded and ready to go.
Sanding is as important as painting, for the highlights.

Summer at the Mission in Capistrano was an inspiration,
along with my grandma Mimi’s love of dogwood.
For these chairs we used Gamblin’s Oil Paints,
for their wonderful range of colors and of course, it is a Portland Company!

I decided to do a folksy rendition of dogwood posies.
Mission Chair below. . .  swirls of yellow and red
dogwoods are on but the chair does not feel finished.

Something small and pretty needs to fill in and be whimsical.
I added small tiny orange posies to dot the vine.

“Old Mission Summer Dogwood” is finished!

Our “Spring Floral Dutch Windsor” went through the
same process, and below you can see her finished.

If you want these chairs, they will be auctioned the 15th of March,
with all profit going to the Community Warehouse.  OR,
if you want me to paint a chair you already own,
5% of the labor $$ will go to the Warehouse!  To learn more:

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