Community Warehouse: Kona Baby Sea Turtle Chair

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This is the first year I have participated in the Chair Affair to benefit the Community Warehouse, which benefits many needy families each year.  The Chair Affair auctions chairs created by local artists to raise money for the cause.

My brother Patrick and I painted my first chair together.  He started my chair addiction!  I have painted many old chairs, and when I get too many, I give the rest away.

The toddler chair was the first; bought from Goodwill for $5, its seat was a canvas for one of my sea turtles.  I wanted playful, the kind of play I had as a kid growing up in Laguna, happy in the tidal pools.  But these tidal pools became the ones I have enjoyed in Hawaii; seeing the small sea turtles was one of the most exciting moments of my life.


The blank canvas, above, and the finished chair below.


Step-by-step, below!  I used Golden Acrylics in glossy and iridescent colors.

Details were added.

Then a topcoat of hard varnish to protect and bring out the sparkles.
Kids, and the kid in YOU, love sparkles.

My  Sea Turtle©, Heart Angelfish©, starfish and urchins ride the tides.

If you want this chair, it will be auctioned the 15th of March,
with all profit going to the Community Warehouse.  OR,
if you want me to paint a chair you already own,
5% of the labor $$ will go to the Warehouse!  To learn more:

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