N is for Nails, as in the History of: A-to-Z-Challenge

A client had this wonderful old nail display from the Tremont Nail Factory in Massachusetts.  We took pictures of it.  This is the writing underneath the nails: “From Pennyweight to Penny (a small “d” indicates a penny) — Originally the terms 8d and 10d were used to denote prices of nails per hundred count.  However, due to the fluctuation of prices this significance was lost, and the terms were retained to designate sizes.  Example 2d = 1 inch, 8d = 2 1/2 inch, 100d = 8 inch.”

On the other side of the folding book of nails, was this short history:

BRAYFIELD HISTORY NAIL 1BRAYFIELD HISTORY NAIL 2I found it pretty cool, though I think it’s a bit of a cheat on writing A-to-Z!

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