Process: Circus Ball 4

W15 12 12 JK CIRCUS PAINT 1y
We left the Circus Ball with
four layers of Gamblin Silver Oil Paint.
Time to add the Cobalt Blue star!

Who says one never uses High School math?
Kate used Geometry to create the template for the proper sizes star.

W15 12 21 JK CIRCUS PAINT 004
Kate transferred the star to the Circus Ball.

Once on the ball, Mitchell and Kate both felt the star had to be a bit bigger.
Remember, we had no opportunity to measure the star, so had only the image above to judge the size of the star in relation to the size of the ball.

W15 12 28 JK CIRCUS PAINT 004
The first coat of paint was dull and streaky.  It is matte because I am using
Gamblin’s Fastmatte Cobalt Blue Oil Paint, to aid in the dry time.
We will varnish the entire ball at the end of several coats.

W15 12 28 JK CIRCUS PAINT 010
When wet, it gives an example of
how it will look when varnished!


W15 12 28 JK CIRCUS PAINT 007
After curing, I flipped the ball over and begin on the other side!

Ball completed, below!

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