Jantzen Beach Carousel Assessment Process

As we’ve probably said we were hired to assess the current status
of the decorative parts of the Jantzen Beach Carousel.
(Another firm is estimating the status of the mechanical and housing parts.)

The carousel has been in storage since 2012, and before installing it in a new location there is work to be done, ranging from paint touch-ups to repairing broken parts.
Decorative parts include 80+ horses, two chariots, 48 lower housing panels,
and multiples of the following: rounding boards, cresting boards, cherub shields, and inner panels.  It would be nearly impossible to assess every part, so
two of each part was chosen randomly plus a dozen horses, to be assessed in depth.
Mitchell and Kate each assessed every part separately then compared notes.
Kate wrote their findings in a report, Mitchell proofed the report.
We wrote on the nature of the damages and options for reparation,
and an estimate was created based on those random parts.

From these estimates highs and lows for various items could be projected
as the first steps toward funding reparation for the carousel.

This was a massive undertaking!

As an architect Kate programmed massive moves and designed and
planned hundreds of square feet
for companies like
Twentieth Century Fox, Wells Fargo,
and Arco — and she swears those
were easier to output than this report!
So much to remember and catch and then transmit to our clients.
(Kate sketches about our processes!)

We will share the process of ONE assessment with you next posting,
so you can understand what goes into determining the problems with each part.

Above, Medium Pinto Stargazer with Cat
is ready for the doctor to give him his physical!
The cradle allows us to gently turn him as needed.

Below, a sampling of the items we have assessed…
Breaks and rips and peeling paint,
buried nails, and missing screws and a few bewildered spiders!


Written by Kate Powell  ©MPF Conservation.
May be printed for your own use ONLY, not for use on blogs without permission.

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