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Conservation of Mason Monterey Tinoco Bedside Stand

We were to conserve and restore a Mason Monterey side table with the charming, funny and valuable Juan Tinoco horses on the drawer front.  This is a project that included conservation/preservation (cleaning dirt and mold from the paint, and affixing … Continue reading

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Restore Oregon Endangered Places 2016, The First Set

This is part of a series for Restore Oregon by one of our partners, Kate Powell (artist too, bio below!) Thanks to Drew Nasto, Craig Powell, and for the various locations for allowing me to use historic images to place … Continue reading

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Our Antique Burro Chair, Monterey Style

This gallery contains 17 photos.

Originally posted on D.Katie Powell Art:
I started out to do a little post on painting one of our chairs. Then I realized I was posting about a chair I had also painted — so figured I should post…

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L is for Lead: A-to-Z-Challenge

Let’s talk about lead as in lead paint, shown right in a Mason Monterey Horseshoe-back Chair, especially in the cream, yellow, and greens.  While we are at it, let’s talk about toxic pigments in antique or vintage paints. We love … Continue reading

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J is for Jig: A-to-Z Challenge

Have you or your partner ever decided to fix a piece of furniture, thinking you could just glue it together?  You glue it, maybe even clamp it, and it appears fine, but then you come back hours later to take … Continue reading

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E is for Escutcheon: A-to-Z Challenge

escutcheon |iˈskəCHən| noun a shield or emblem bearing a coat of arms. (also escutcheon plate) a flat piece of metal for protection and often ornamentation, around a keyhole, door handle, or light switch. Keyhole escutcheons were generally on both sides … Continue reading

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NEWS: We made the National Parks blog

by DKP I did a search today and found an article about us and the Oregon Caves Chateau on the National Parks blog.  It has been there for a few months; not sure how I missed it.  It is nice … Continue reading

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