Repairing Frank Crowe Mason Monterey Dresser

The repairs on the final piece of the lovely bedroom set is completed.
MPF Conservation  does not repair/conserve historic pieces unless necessary.

In this case, the veneered top was shredded and lifting.

Mitchell gently removed the historic veneered top.
We did not touch the substrate, though it was quite wobbly.  Many of the pieces show the structural substrate through the original veneer, and we leave them as is!

Sorry that our image of the mahogany veneer unfinished did not come out.
Old wood base paint was mixed, and the first layer was placed on sealed veneer.

The color was not quite correct; Most of this furniture is not a one-coat process.
Mason Monterey is layered with several coats to achieve the proper finish.

A second coat to deepen the color, then a third coat to create the presentation we wanted.
Secret sauce.
We did not dust the Old Wood, as it would not have matched the historic finish as it is today unless we dusted the original historic Old Wood finish too.

Also, the other pieces being sold with this one were not restored.
They were wiped with a damp rag.

The slight wobble of the structure can be seen through the veneer,
just as it did in the historic veneered top.
Also, you can see how much this set changes color in varying lights.

Finished and ready to be sold with the accompanying pieces which were not repaired!
We are selling this large bedroom set in two lots: this is the second,
and is sold with the large mirror and second twin bed, above.

First Set below!

Frank Crowe was the most influential person
in dam building throughout the West:
Hoover Dam, Parker Dam 155 miles (249 km) downstream from Hoover; Copper Basin and
Gene Wash Dams on the Colorado Aqueduct system;
and Shasta Dam in Northern California.
We are offering many pieces from his ranch in Northern California.  Signed provenance statement included.
To know more, see details, and see other pieces,
go here.
  Contact us if you are a serious buyer.

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    Such meticulous work. Beautifully done.

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