Ode to the Upholsterer, Reprise

W00 HOOKERS COUCHHe’s stuffed a chair on every street,
or hassocks on which to put your feet.
A fainting couch for Ms Récamier,
looking Grecian but really fey.

W02 EGG AFTER 5 MPFCA modern Egg for Madmen there,
Took ten thousand hand stitches to be fair;
An Eastlake love seat whose threads were bare
Was given new life, it’s only fair!


Mattresses made of coir and hair
His long needle made them square,
And before he bought his trusted Pfaff,
He had to keep a larger staff.

W13 EASTLAKE SOFABED AFT 4MPFCYou take for granted what you see,
But behind the saddle, the sofa, the seat,
Is a person who understands upholstery,
Who has a flair for passementerie!


Tassels thrill him with delight,
and not the ones that twirl in the night,
An unusual man I’ve got as my mate
Because he talks of gimp when on a date!

Real upholsterers still spit tacks
And use hide glue to mend frame’s cracks
He knows that biscuits make tufted backs,
His best friend’s are puppies and cats!

Upholstery conservators are a dying breed
The old skills falling out of fashion
But when you’ve sent new sofas to the dump
And you’ve paid a yen for the uncomfortable lump,
The foam’s collapsed, and left a lump,
And your family’s in a frump.
His trade will again be a needed deed,
And he’ll come racing on his white steed
Or you’ll be stuck in your cheap contraption.

For those of you who dare think twice
Who doubt his worth
Who’ll send them into dearth
It’s your buns who’ll pay the price!

~ by Kate and Mitchell Powell

American Antebellum Sofa

American Antebellum Sofa

©MPF Conservation.  May be printed for your own use ONLY,
not for use on blogs without permission.

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12 Responses to Ode to the Upholsterer, Reprise

  1. CC Peyton says:

    I love it! You guys keep on keepin’ on! ♥

  2. Dan Antion says:

    Ha ha – funny and true. You got yourself a good man, Kate and he has a good woman at his side.

  3. bikerchick57 says:

    I love this more than I can say
    In a restoring furniture kind of way
    The work is a meow of the cat
    Extraordinairy and that’s that

    Two thumbs up for the workmanship and poetry. I love the love seat – it’s my favorite!

  4. Sharukh Bamboat says:

    Brilliant. I love the way you used pictures and added poetry to it. I liked the chair in the first picture. Is it a sofa? I don’t know what it is called. A lot of hard work goes into making it.

  5. Tom Iraci says:

    What wonderful works of restoration
    For these furnishings of old
    Are as valuable as gold
    I’m a poet and I Know It
    Hope I Don’t Blow it

    • Tom, I’ve been away from the MPFC Blog for a while and just now found your comment. Thank you so much for your kind words and observations; the coveted Golden Award for Excellence in Blog-Post Commentary is on it’s way to your home as I write!:)

  6. Tacked_it says:

    Love it 😁👍

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