Thursday Throwback: A Family of Lawsons Graces the Farm

This is our continuing Throwback series where we post items
that were in our studio before we had the blog.

Grandpa’s Lawsons are born again for an orchard in Southern Oregon;
Grandpa was on hand for delivery day, and even had the first sit!

From dilapidated to stunning.  Excavated to the frames; frames refitted as necessary.
All interior buildup was conserved.  Coil-Spring backs and seat decks, and spring core cushion — which by the way, are the most comfortable cushions ever built!
Traditional upholsterers and conservators restore and preserve the interior buildup,
which is a much better “sit.”  Most upholsterers do not know how to do this work:
they remove the original buildup and re-stuff seats and backs with foam.
This causes early breakdown of internals and is not nearly as comfy!

BTW, the ottoman both have fitted washable coverlets on them —
this is a working farm, and dirty boots are not uncommon!

The original fabric was intact, though if you sat on them you felt as if you would
hit the floor!  The grown-up kids wanted to freshen the look entirely.

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