Louis XIV Revival Fauteuil, Upholstery Buildup, Back and Arms

Our client’s Louis XIV Revival Fauteuil, above.
We started, as we always do, with an assessment.
Then patterns were made and the textile and buildup was excavated.
The  frame finish was conserved.
The textile was cleaned and small reparations performed.
The frame was repaired.
The seat buildup (upholstery) completed.

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Arm Buildup

The arm textile pieces were conserved and stitched in the manner of the seat.

Coir was stitched onto the arm pod.  Jute burlap wrapped the coir and was stitched
into place.  Hair topped the amended pod, and a cotton topper before the broadcloth
was attached.  A thin topper of organic cotton batting was applied under the original textile, which was tacked into place.  The arm is ready for the gimp trim!

Back Buildup

The cleaned and conserved back textile had the same two issues
to be overcome in the upholstery process as the seat:
1) The edges had been trimmed to the edge, giving us no comfortable tacking edge.
2) The edge had thick embedded glue in the tacking margins.

Mitchell stabilized the edge prior to cleaning, and added the olive Dupinoni
silk with which to create a backing.  Mitchell had the same trouble with
the stitching because of the needles hitting the hard glue edges.
The backing allowed him an edge to tug on while applying the back textile later.

The original inside back hair pod was cleaned and shaped.

Into the outside conserved frame back the historic outside back showcover was
tacked into place; organic cotton batting is used under the dust barrier.
Another layer of cotton batting.   The original back pod is amended
with a different colored hair, and placed into the back frame.
Another cotton topper is placed over the hair pod, and topped with the broadcloth topper.
Another thin cotton topper, and the historic textile is tacked into place.

The chair is now ready for finishing touches, dustcover, secret pockets, and trim!

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The fauteuil in nearly completed; next steps are finishing touches.
As we post I will link to the next posting: follow us so you are notified of updates.

Written by Kate Powell  ©MPF Conservation.
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  1. loisajay says:

    You work magic on pieces that are really in dire condition. Fun for me to watch the magic happen.

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