Mason Monterey Club Chair, 5 Cushion Buildup

This continues several posts on the preservation of a lovely
Old Wood Mason Monterey Club chair from our client’s family.
To see the excavation, go here.
To view the finish notes, go here.
For the seat buildup, go here.
For the frame upholstery, go here.

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The historic cushions placed onto the newly upholstered frame, above.
Mitchell took notes on any changes he might want to make.

We began with the inside back cushion.

The cushion was carefully excavated, and each layer was inspected and considered for reuse where possible.  Those parts that were able to be reused were cleaned and/or carded.

A new ticking was created, and the new buildup of both historic and new materials executed into a new inside back cushion, ready for its showcover.

The same process was performed for the seat cushion, above, except that a new seat cushion was created to replace the old as the historic springs were quite worn.
In the last image above you can see the new cushion height compared to the old.

Once the cushions were rebuilt, the show cover was upholstered.

The showcover is a richly embroidered landscape of critter activities!
Mitchell cut the cushion upholstery to make sure that in each cushion,
all the critters and flowers were represented.

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The boxings and small edging was made of the same leather that upholstered the frame, and the underside of the cushion was also leather, so the chair has the possibility of being seen in three ways, below.

The chair is now ready for
another 75 years of love!

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  1. Dan Antion says:

    You guys do such meticulous work, It’s really amazing, Kate. I have to come back and study this when I have more time.

  2. lois says:

    What a beauty! I had no idea the amount of work involved, though.

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