K is for Ken Ellis’s Embroidered Textile Art: A-to-Z Challenge

W14 2 10 ELLISFAM AFTER 3LGEWe had the pleasure to conserve two pieces of Ken Ellis’ textile art for a private collector: the Shore Family, above, and Elizi Danto, bottom.  It was a simple treatment, to clean as best we could some staining from a combination of wood smoke and steam (the Shore family was next to their kitchen) and do some simple needlework reparation.

After cleaning, a good deal of the smoke was lifted!

After cleaning, a good deal of the smoke was lifted!

When I saw the images emailed to me they were nice; when I saw them in person I was bowled over.  Ellis has caught subtle expressions and nuances in the simplest of forms, painted textiles and embroidered art.  I love the eyes on the man shown in the header.

W14 2 10 ELLISFAM AFTER 66Elizi Danto expresses the joy of mother and child; the figures all around her are dancing their inner joy!

She expresses the love I had for Guadalupe when I was a small girl growing up in a Mexican Southern California Catholic church; I always lit candles asking for help to Madre, and I always thought she heard me.

Ken Ellis, thank you for the honor.


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7 Responses to K is for Ken Ellis’s Embroidered Textile Art: A-to-Z Challenge

  1. Ken Ellis says:

    Thanks for working on my babies. KRE

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