Mognat of Paris Steamer Trunk, 1, Assessment

This Mognat of Paris family steamer trunk ca 1900, has been round the world many times.  The heirs brought it to us to clean, stabilize the inner lining, create new handles, and to preserve the character of the outer trunk memories if possible — stickers!

We do not often have the opportunity to conserve trunks
because they are so expensive to restore — many people think they would be fun,
and then see the price.  But this was a beloved family members trunk,
and the family wants to be able to gently use it in their home.

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Above, a basic slideshow showing all sides.

Note the color difference in the front of the trunk and the bottom —
the front and sides once showed off this lovely patterning!
We hope to remove enough grime that we can again see the patterning.

Details of the front.
Note the original handle?
This is the pattern of the handle we will recreate not only
for the front, but the sides as well.

Examples of sticker and labels we will attempt to preserve.

The upper insert with its degrading lining and ties will be removed, cleaned, and stabilized.  The bottom and top lining is in good condition: we will test it for cleaning
and see if it is a good candidate for cleaning while attached.

Note the strapping’s jacquard has the Mognat name woven into the fabric, image 6 above.

Next step, test cleaning and leather prep.
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Written by Kate Powell  ©MPF Conservation.
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  1. loisajay says:

    What a beauty! I am looking forward to seeing how the finished products looks.

  2. Dan Antion says:

    Having followed several of your restorations, I understand why this would be an expensive undertaking.I’m looking forward to seeing the progress.

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