Washington State Flag: Painting

We left off with the background and the beginnings of the jacket, above.

Know that the subtle shadings of colors from one blank to the next is due
to the artificial versus natural light in the room when photographed,
and fresh paint is much brighter than after it is cured…

The test images were all done with basically one coat; on the final flag,
most colors are getting 2-3 coats on top of the base.  With the drying time
between (4-7 days) it slows the process down a bit.
Some colors dry a bit faster, but I have learned my lesson to be patient.

The undercoats on the face laid in shadows and covered all green.
Do not be worried about the blocky undercoatings; he will look better!
I am a bit uncomfortable showing the face with the undercoats to people
who are not painters — George looks bit freaky!

A second coat on background was added.
An undercoat and a second coat on the hair.

As his jacket was begun, the yellow lapels are added.
A second coat is added to the deep blue jacket.

January-February, there were also three days of corrections.

I felt the lapels were too bright, above, and subdued them in the second coat — the fresh paint is brighter, and I am working against bright green versus the faded olive green, and sometimes adjustments have to be made.

I also felt the primed edge needed to be a more generous.  I traced out the edges again, giving me a tiny bit more “slop” in case.

Frankly, tracings are a stressful as paint —
Again, I can’t clean paint or wayward tracing pencil off the bright green silk.

Next post, I tackle the letters and fine tuning the faces.

To begin at the beginning, visit Washington State Flag, 1.

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  1. Dan Antion says:

    I just can’t imagine how you do this. I understand what you tell us, but…

  2. spruss@hctc.com says:

    Thank you Katie! This has been a huge project with many unknowns, and you and Mitchel have done a fantastic job! There have been so many obstacles with this project, some that seemed almost in surmountable and you and Mitchell have persevered. Patty Russell

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